Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Big Game

Brigg approached his principal about a month and a half ago, asking if there was a possibility of having an unofficial soccer game after school some time. She thought it was a wonderful idea and encouraged him to do it, but explained that he would have to be responsible for finding teachers and or parents to volunteer their time after school to coach. He talked to the P.E. teacher first, he couldn't do it but offered the school Jerseys to be used. He found 4 other people, two teachers and two fathers who gave their time.

Yesterday was the big day, after all the permission slips were turned in, the game started with 58!! players. We're so proud of Brigg and his determination to get this game accomplished.

Don't worry....I wont give you the proud parent slide show commentary with each picture. These are some of the highlights from the super fun game.

Brigg is wearing a green shirt with tan shorts and is on the blue jersey team

Tate is wearing a red shirt and jeans and was on the red jersey team.


RhondaLue said...

Tell him WAY TO GO! That's awesome. He'll be a great leader someday! (Already, actually!)

p.s. I love that your blogging again. ;)

Diane said...

yeah for blogs!
that is SO cool that he got all of that done. my kid wont even get his own FUNYUNS! i would have been so proud too... i can just see you smiling.

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