Sunday, August 15, 2010

This is Dan posting about my Century Ride

I hope Rachel doesn't mind me using her blog to post this, but Facebook limits you to 420 characters and I am too wordy 8^).

Get ready for my story...

Yesterday was a super great day and the culmination of almost 2 years of hard work. Many of you in my friends list have known me for most of my life. I have always been overweight and struggled with asthma since grade school. We all have our challenges and struggles and mine has always been my health and making healthy choices.

By 2008 I weighed 427 pounds and I had a number of health problems including asthma, chronic allergies, sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, and plantar fasciitis. I know it is easy to look at someone that is that overweight and have a lot of thoughts cross your mind. I can attest that for some it is very very easy to get that big and once you are that large it is almost impossible to correct. You health and weight and your body's constant hormonal cravings tend to breed more overeating and sedentary lifestyle. Think of it in my case as carrying 20+ 10lb sacks of potatoes around all day, it can wear you out and discourage you.

Memorial day weekend 2008 was my turning point when a serious 4 wheeler accident split my head open and broke my neck in 3 places. It made me realize that life is short and I wanted to spend more time alive with my family. I also wanted to change for myself. This is the key - all change has to come from within. I decided to have gastric bypass surgery. Trust me that this is not the easy way out and for many who reach weights like mine it is the only way out. Oct 27, 2008 I went in for surgery. This first 100lbs came off fairly easily. The last 100 came off from strict diet and exercise. I still struggle getting the last 20 or so pounds off and from being so overweight I don't look normal from all my loose skin around my upper body.

That being said I FEEL GREAT. I am more than 200lbs lighter and my asthma is much better as are the allergies, the other ailments are all gone except for joint pain. No more diabetes, no more sleep apnea, no more high blood pressure. My energy levels are up.

Yesterday was the culmination because I completed my first CENTURY ride, I rode in the Bike the Bear race, and I completed 102.15 miles in 2 laps around Bear Lake in North Eastern Utah and Southern Idaho. This has been a goal of mine for more than a year and it felt so good to complete it.

I want to thank my wife, Rachel, and my kids for supporting me and believing in me. I want to thank my Mom and Dad Bowman for coming out and participating yesterday and for their support. Edgar and Jenny Villacorta for their support and participation - We all had so much fun and thanks for taking Rach and I out to dinner last night to celebrate! I also want to thank my brother, Dave Taylor and Doxtek for gifting me the Trek bike over a year ago.

There were hundreds of riders, mostly Boy Scouts. Many had signed up for the 50 mile race and I have to say that the first half was much more fun riding with all the other cyclists. The second lap I was by myself and I saw only a handful of other riders. I did have an accident at about mile 65 when I made a turn and didn't notice a patch of dirt and I slid. The last 30 miles were the hardest as I had to tackle some tough hills for the second time and I was running out of energy. The Aid stations were mostly closed. I ran out of water at mile 80 and rode another 8 miles to the last aid station where they were packed up to go. I grabbed water and filled up my Camelbak and ate 3 apples for energy. I rode a few more miles and was feeling tired and wiped when Rach called me. She came out to me and I was 8.5 miles from the finish. I stopped and drank some more and had some more to eat. Her and the kids that were with her would follow and then pass and wait for me and yell as I passed. We leap frogged like this until there were the last 2 miles. She then drove ahead to wait for me at the finish line.

It makes me emotional as I write this to think of all the love and support I received yesterday from my wife and family. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I love you Rach and I love all my kiddos. I love all of my family and friends - thanks for putting up with me!

This is not going to be my last bike ride - I told my wife that I am a cyclist now and so I look forward to more rides next season!

Thanks for indulging me in my story.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Big Game

Brigg approached his principal about a month and a half ago, asking if there was a possibility of having an unofficial soccer game after school some time. She thought it was a wonderful idea and encouraged him to do it, but explained that he would have to be responsible for finding teachers and or parents to volunteer their time after school to coach. He talked to the P.E. teacher first, he couldn't do it but offered the school Jerseys to be used. He found 4 other people, two teachers and two fathers who gave their time.

Yesterday was the big day, after all the permission slips were turned in, the game started with 58!! players. We're so proud of Brigg and his determination to get this game accomplished.

Don't worry....I wont give you the proud parent slide show commentary with each picture. These are some of the highlights from the super fun game.

Brigg is wearing a green shirt with tan shorts and is on the blue jersey team

Tate is wearing a red shirt and jeans and was on the red jersey team.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I love it when.....

Its all too easy to look at the same old day staring us in the face and feel worn or down about our lot in life and how mundane tasks become. The same routines day in and day out. The same whining, the same tattling, the same struggle to make ends meet.

Self admittedly I've been a bit down lately, or focusing on the negative instead of the positive. I've lost sight of how much I have to be grateful for. So a couple days ago, I started thinking of things that I love in my crazy wonderful routine called life. These are a few of the things I thought about, some small and insignifigant but I've noticed them and they have made me smile......


I love it when my three year old tells me...."I want to bought that" on every commercial promoting a new toy.

I love it when the boys read with sleepy voices and yawns during family scriptures in the mornings.

I love it when I get butterflies from hubby's picture showing up on my cell phone when he calls.

I love it when Tanner, at the age of 14 still kisses my cheek and tells me goodnight before he heads to bed.

I love it when Tate laughs his real uncontrolled laugh

I love it when Brigg calls me Ma.

I love it when Kobe dances like a ballerina

I love it when Emma tucks her hair behind her ears

I love it when Corwin tells me about his day at school in intricate detail

I love it when Briar wants to be held like a baby

I love it when my siblings call me

I love it when I get a text from a friend

I love it when my kids recall memories of my parents

I love it when the kids use too much ketchup

I love it when my kids say "back forward" instead of rewind

I love it when our youngest, every time she hears a set of keys jingle, she yells.."Bye Dad"

I love it when my hubby leaves for work, because he has a job to go to and..... I especially love it when he comes home at night


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We pulled up these shots today and my jaw hit the floor.
YUM AND RAWR BABE!!! HUBBA HUBBA!!!! MMEEOOWW!!!(insert a sexy whistle and an eyebrow raise here)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shameless Plug

My Sweetheart of 14 years, has been through a lot this last year. He is, as always a huge source of strength to me. I am so proud of him and the decisions he's made. As many of you know, he cut his head open in a quad accident, broke his neck in two places and he had Gastric Bypass surgery. He has been working really hard at his weight loss. He has a new BLOG, where he is journaling his journey. He has decided to take part in the Tour DE Scottsdale marathon. It is a 70 mile race. I have watched him train and he is nothing short of an inspiration. So everyone please, stop by his sight and give him a well deserved pat on the back. two nights ago, he rode 40 miles. Watching this transformation has been a miracle and blessing in our lives.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Tonight after Miss Em's bath, we were brushing her hair, and she was crying. "I want a shortcut Mommy, it hurts when you brush it" So I started thinking. Last year during swimming season, if I didn't put it into a tight bun before she swam, it was a nightmare to brush through. So I did it, something I thought I would NEVER do. Cut my babies hair short. Short hair is for boys after all. BUT we LOVE IT!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Easter from our little bunch of Crazy Wonderfuls. =o)